Friday, 26 May 2017

Weddings and assumptions.

It is something like the making of a man, is in the remaking of the man. It is in that remaking, of the man, that he is remembered. 

Redeveloping a website and testing it in all scenarios, is something we can never do enough. We assumed that the new application had been tested to breaking point. But to assume is to make an ass out of you and me. We fell into the trap of not testing all the versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, IE has been known to drive grown men to tears. In this particular case it did not cope with different screen sizes for a complicated booking system. As I said above, it is in the remaking, of the man, that he is remembered. 

I digress, weddings are the ideal place for family intrigue, glances of disapproval and a time to reflect on how you have aged. It is also a time to take stock on how far you have come. Susan just loves a good wedding, all the beautiful people and the ancient ceremony of marriage, all enhance the magic for her. I must admit, I did enjoy the last wedding we went to, but then I did know quite a few people and through them met others. Enough of weddings, I will have you nodding off any minute now.

May is proving to be a month of all four seasons in one. The days weather is a gamble, you could wake to sunshine and light breeze or rain and strong winds. Or get both in the same day, combined with a temperature drop of 10 deg. What to wear is the biggest problem? Thermal vest or not? Jumper or jacket? These are the daily decisions confronting us when we wake.
Enjoy your weekend.

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